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Antique and contemporary ceramics, china and pottery

If you are looking for antique or collectable ceramics or pottery, try the following dealers. Their stock covers a wide range of contemporary as well as traditional designs. English pottery is well represented with dealers in Poole pottery, Staffordshire Pottery, Gaudy Welsh, Crown Derby and Royal Doulton as well as designers such as Clarice Cliff, Moorcroft art pottery and Charlotte Rhead. There are also dealers in french ceramics such as Quimper and Desvres French Faience.

For further information on these items, these links may also be useful:
The Clarice Cliff Collectors Club, The official Moorcroft website and the Poole pottery website.

Modern Moorcroft Pottery Dealer | Pottery Specialist in the United Kingdom
Website: www.moorcroftvaults.co.uk

Moorcroft Dealer near Retford in Nottinghamshire | William Moorcroft Pottery
Website: www.abberleycollectables.co.uk

Modern Moorcroft Pottery dealer | Specialist Moorcroft Pottery Cellar
Website: www.moorcroftpotterycellar.co.uk

Clarice Cliff, Moorcroft and other collectable pottery ceramics
Website: www.moorcroftantiques.webstall.net

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