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Specialists in Rene Lalique glass and other notable art deco and art nouveau glass designers

We specialise in selling art nouveau glass and art deco glass by Rene Lalique, Daum, Moser, WMF Ikora, Emile Galle, L C Tiffany and other great makers of glass between 1875 and 1955.


rene lalique glass

Rene Lalique Glass

Rene Lalique was born in 1860 and died 1945, had a first career as a jeweller and was crowned the greatest art nouveau jeweller, at the 1900 Paris exhibition. For many, Rene Lalique glass is the greatest art deco glass. Early Lalique pieces date from 1910 and even before, but his main production of glass really took off in 1921, after the French Government gave him a factory, repossessed from Germany, in Wingen Sur Mer, Alsace.

Art Nouveau Glass and Art Deco Glass

The great glass makers seem to come in two main types, the great designers/design houses who used glass as one method of expression (Rene Lalique, Galle, Tiffany, even WMF) or the great glass houses who keep up with 'modern' changing designs (Moser, Daum).

Collecting glass from these great makers, often referred to collectively as the masters of art glass, has become a major new interest for lots of serious collectors and investors. Often better investments than banks and shares, you also get something magnificent to display.

M & D Moir specialising in Lalique, rene lalique glass, art nouveau glass and art deco glass
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