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References #01

Bazaar Boxes

"Dealing in rare and expensive items we needed a very high quality website. WebStall demonstrated an enthusiasm and professionalism that delivered us just what we need, at a price we still can't believe. We were even happier when we managed a sale within a week of launching!
Mark & Andy, www.bazaarboxes.com

References #02

Puma Period Pumps

"My WebStall is ideal. It's very quick - I just type in what I need and it updates like magic - I've just started a new line in vintage radio receivers and within a few weeks I'd sold two, one to the States and both via the WebStall"
Dick Mason, www.pumaperiodpumps.com

References #03

Paperweights Plus

"Hi Phil, Many thanks for the changes, in particular the advanced analysis will really be useful. I thought you might like a quote to use as you wish. 'Very easy to use. Great back-up. Most of all it works! The profit on our first month's sales has already paid our setting up cost and the first quarter's fee!' "
Steve Burke, www.paperweightsplus.com
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