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Low-Cost, Easy-Setup, Straight-Talk

Why pay a fortune for a custom built website, which can't be changed without more expense? Why pay commissions to an auction website?

We can build your WebStall for as little as 50+vat, and our low priced monthly hosting includes simple update facilities, as well as a support service and advice on how to attract more customers to your WebStall.

Standard Service Includes

Easy self-updating

Visitor activity reports

Free marketing guidebooks

Search engine promotion

Free individual coaching

Basic WebStall setup£50
Custom WebStall setupOn Request
Standard hosting and customer support
(5 pages, with visitor analysis reports)
£10 per month
Domain name registration and hosting£2.50 per month
Premium hosting service
(20 pages, enhanced visitor analysis)
£20 per month

*All prices are subject to VAT at the standard rate.
Occasionally we make special offers. Call for more information.
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