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Download Instructions

Our guide Advertising Antiques on The World's Favourite Search Engine is provided free as a document in Adobe Acrobat format. This is suited either for screen reading or printing.

Most computers have software that can open this type of document - if yours doesn't please click here to download Acrobat free from Adobe's website.

Once you have Adobe Acrobat, there are three options for obtaining the guide:
  1. Click here to view the guide in your web browser and then print it

  2. To save a copy of the guide to your PC or Mac, click the right mouse button (or if you have a Mac, hold down the Option key, when clicking the mouse) on this link. PC users should then select Save Target As to save the guide to your PC

  3. If you have WinZip, click this link to save a slightly smaller zipped version of the guide to your Mac or PC

If you have any difficulty downloading or reading this guide, please email info@webstall.net and we will do our best to help

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